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PM62 Dual/Quad Monitor Pole Mount

  • Heavy duty, highly adjustable dual monitor mount
  • Designed for our versatile 192-Series Floor Stands
  • Also works on poles with 1.5"-2" outside diameter 
  • Combine multiple PM series mounts for a custom solution
  • Accepts 28.5"-wide monitors in flat configuration
  • With monitors rotated in, max monitor size is about 27"
  • Pole and base not included
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  • Mount two 0-30 lb monitors on a single beam or four monitors in two rows of two
  • Each beam accommodates two monitors up to 28.5 inches wide in flat configuration
  • Features components allowing individual monitor positioning and orientation
  • When tilted inwards, maximum monitor size is reduced to approximately 27"
  • Meet your display requirements without furniture or a wall
  • Designed for Ergomart's 192 series floor stands, 2" diameter poles with multiple length options

The PM62 utilises the adjustable CONNECT monitor mounts to create a versatile, multi-monitor pole mount for two or four monitors. This mount is designed for use with the sturdy and rugged Series 192 floor stands, particularly the flange floor stand, which is bolted directly into the floor. This system is ideal for users who need an adjustable multi-monitor setup, but lack the furniture or wall space. As a freestanding mount, this system can be utilized virtually anywhere, including retail and business environments, hospitals and other medical facilities, as a presentation or informational display, point of sale stand and many other applications.

On the PM62, two VESA compatible monitors are attached to a 30" beam. The monitor tilter head attachments can be moved anywhere along the beam, allowing for a variety of monitor sizes to remain flush with each other. The beam can handle two equally sized monitors up to 28.5" when they are positioned in a flat configuration. Each monitor attachment provides individual tilt, swivel and rotation. Please note, if the monitors are tilted inwards, the maximum monitor width decreases to approximately 27" as the bezels impede movement on larger monitors.

For the quad monitor mount system, a second beam is added, which can be placed anywhere along the pole. This allows for monitors of various heights to be properly accommodated and interchanged.

The PM62 works best when attached to a Series 192 pole floor stand. It is available in three options - the flange pole floor stand, which is bolted with six fasteners to the floor and two moveable options, the center pole floor stand and offset pole floor stand. Although the PM62 is designed to be used with Ergomart's Series 192 poles, the monitor mount can be attached any pole with adequate stability and an outside diameter of 1.5" - 2".

Shipping Weight 13 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 32" x 15" x 4"
Warranty 5 year limited

Mount Type

Monitor mount for 1.5-2" OD Pole

Number of Monitors



1.5"-2" pole

Weight Range

Up to 30 lb per monitor

Monitor Horizontal Reach


Vertical Adjustment

Readjustable on 4', 5', 6', 7', 8' or custom pole

VESA Options

75 x 75
100 x 100
100 x 200

Portrait to Landscape


Max Swivel (at Monitor)

Depends on monitor size/tilt

Monitor Tilt Range

+90° up, -45° down


PM62 dual monitor pole mount specification drawing showing maximum monitor width in flat configuration

If a flat configuration is desired for the PM62, the maximum width of each equally sized monitor can be approximately 26 inches.



PM62 dual monitor pole mount specification drawing showing maximum monitor width in curved configuration

When the monitors of the PM62 are rotated inward, the maximum allowable width is slightly diminished from when they are flat or colinear. Assuming two-inch deep monitors, the maximum width is approximately 25 inches when curved or angled inward.


100x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
100x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware


The 100 x 200 mm VESA adaptor is compatible with certain larger monitors. It is used to attach the monitor to an Ergomart tilter head, present in all SAA, SA, and LS arms and mounts. If your monitor has a recessed VESA attachment point, you may also need an Ergomart VESA spacer kit, available below in the accessories tab.

200x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
200x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware

This large VESA bracket is intended for mounting a monitor or TV with a 200x200 mm, 100x200 mm, or 120x180 mm hole pattern. The central hole patterns are 50x50 mm, 75x75 mm, and 100x100 mm, enabling this bracket to attach to the mounting location (e.g. an Ergomart Tilter Head) using a VESA 75/100 adaptor.

200x400mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
200x400mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware

The large 200x400 mm VESA adaptor plate supports 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 200 mm square patterns, as well as 100x200 mm, 120x180 mm, 200x300 mm and 200x400 mm rectangular patterns. In some cases an additional 75 or 100 mm VESA adaptor is needed to interface the 200 x 400 mm VESA plate to the mounting location.

VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/4-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/4" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/2-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/2" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

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