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CMD2415 Heavy Duty Steel Dual Computer Monitor arm with two slidable tilter mechanisms supporting computer monitors on straight aluminum beam
CMD2415 Dual Monitor Mount

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CMD2415 Dual Monitor Mount

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  • CMD2415 is a heavy duty monitor arm capable of holding two monitors each up to 28.5” wide (flat alignment)
  • Maximum monitor width is approximately 27” when monitors are curved inward approximately 10 degrees
  • Dual monitor arm supports heavy monitors up to 35 pounds while providing 14” vertical and 21.5” lateral travel
  • Precisely adjust LCD monitors for users in shared workspace operating from a seated posture
  • Choose from wall, desk clamp, pole, through desk and numerous other specialty mounting solutions
  • Once properly installed, this arm floats LCD monitor and touchscreens effortlessly for true ergonomic comfort
  • This heavy-duty workhorse is future-proofed against upgrades and changes as it handles 10 to 35 monitors.
  • Please call for solutions for heavier monitors
  • Articulation points have friction resistance adjustability
  • Wire management cleanly and efficiently handles cables
  • Please watch our YouTube Video for tips on installing and adjusting the arm component included with this product

GRASP – MOVE – RELEASE. We have combined our new, hyper-functional CONNECT beam mount with our extra heavy-duty 2415 arm to provide 14.5” of effortless vertical travel and 21.5” of horizontal reach for a dual display solution. This arm fits the bill for anyone who requires precise control of two LCD monitors. This system allows the user to slide the tilter head mechanisms anywhere along the 30” horizontal beam to fit a variety of monitor sizes up to 28.5” in width. Each screen can be tilted, swiveled and rotated individually for precise positioning.

Black is the standard color on this arm. Metallic Gray may require longer lead times. Call for other color options.

For comprehensive information, detailed specifications, and larger images of the CONNECT family of monitor stands, and to view additional product configurations, please visit our CONNECT page.

Questions? Please call us at 888 420 3200.

Professional installation is always recommended for all wall-mounted Ergomart products. Improper installation may result in injury or damage. Consult Ergomart technical support regarding any mounting concerns or questions.

Shipping Weight* Box 1: 12 lbs | Box 2: 14 lbs
Shipping Dimensions Box 1: 21" x 14" x 4" | Box 2: 40" x 14" x 6"
Warranty 5 Year limited

This product ships in two boxes.

*Weights are approximate.


    CMD2415 two monitor arm showing highest, lowest and horizontal position

    The CMD2415 features a large 14.5” vertical range when unobstructed by the desk surface or other objects.


    CMD2415 dual monitor arm top view showing folded and extended positions

    The arm extends out up to 21.5” and folds into 8” to create space when not in use.


    CMD2415 two monitor arm top view showing 360 degree arm rotation

    The arm can be rotated 360° at its base providing there are no obstructions to its movement.


    CMD2415 dual monitor arm top view showing 360 degree beam rotation

    The beam holding the two monitors rotates 360° at the point where it is attached to the arm, providing the arm is not below its horizontal position.


    CMD2415 two monitor arm front view showing monitors mounted in different positions on the monitor beam

    The monitor mounts can be placed anywhere along the horizontal beam which allows for a variety of monitors sizes up to a maximum of 28.5” in width in the landscape position.


    CMD2415 dual monitor arm top view showing independent monitor swivel

    The monitors independently swivel left and right until they are obstructed by the beam so positioning is easy for optimal viewing.


    CMD2415 two monitor arm side view showing screen tilt

    Each monitor can be individually adjusted upwards 90° and downwards 45° for the most comfortable viewing angle.


    CMD2415 dual monitor arm front view showing individual monitor screen rotation

    Each screen can rotate a full 360° on the tilter head allowing for easily switching between landscape and portrait views.

Mount Type

Monitor Arm

Number of Monitors



  • Tall Flex C
  • Wall Kit D
  • HD Track F
  • Thru Desk G
  • Column Mount K
  • OEM Mount R
  • Dual Arm L
  • Pole Mount E
  • Dual Pole Mount J
  • Horizontal Track Slider M
  • Wall Mount Roller Trolley
  • Desk Top Roller Troller Q

Weight Range

10-35 lbs per monitor, 20-70 lbs total.

Monitor Horizontal Reach


Vertical Adjustment

14" instant adjustment

Vertical Extensions

5", 8", 12"

Horizontal Extensions

Call for information.

VESA Options

75 x 75
100 x 100

Portrait to Landscape


Max Swivel (at Base)


Max Swivel (at Elbow)

Max Swivel (Beam) 360°

Max Swivel (at Monitor)

Up to 360° based on monitor size/tilt

Monitor Tilt Range

+90° up, -45° down

CMD2415 - Vertical Range
Wall Mounted - Side View

CMD2415 Specification drawing of dual monitor arm with beam in three positions on wall mount

Side view of the CMD2415 when wall-mounted. If the arm is free from obstructions, the total vertical range from highest to lowest point is approximately 14.5”.



CMD2415 Specification drawing of dual monitor arm with beam shows use of vertical extension with arm lowered

When desk-mounted, the full vertical movement of the arm can be restricted when the base of the arm hits a work surface. This can be rectified by adding an optional vertical extension. Without the extension, vertical travel is limited to 13.5”.



CMD2415 Specification drawing of dual monitor arm with beam shows use of vertical extension with arm raised

Side-view of the CMD2415 when desk-mounted. The figure shows the impact of adding vertical extensions on the maximum height the arm can reach. The 12" extension (with Mount Kit C) allows the center of the VESA pattern at the back of the monitor to reach a maximum height of 31.5".



Table: CMD2415 minimum height on desk, maximum height on desk and vertical range on desk with various extension lengths

Table shows the vertical range of motion when when using various sizes of the available vertical extensions. Please refer to the drawings above for a visual representation of Minimum and Maximum Height on Desk.
Note that the adjustability ranges may show some minor deviations of up to 0.25” from these specifications depending on the weight and dimensions of the payload and other practical considerations


Folded and Extended Arm Reach - Top View

CMD2415 Specification drawing of dual monitor arm from top view showing extended and collapsed dimensions

The CMD2415 arm viewed from above. Stretched to its maximum horizontal length, the arm measures approximately 21.5” from the mounting point to the back of the monitors. When completely retracted, the arm is only 8”.



CMD2415 Specification drawing illustrates the maximum width between VESA brackets used on many Ergomart devices

The dual monitor setup places the two tilter mechanisms side by side anywhere along a 30” horizontal beam. In this configuration, the CMD2415 can accommodate monitors that measure up to 28.5" in width each in landscape orientation.



CMD2018 Specification drawing of front view of dual monitor beam used with this arm showing maximum side by side monitor size

Two monitor setups are extremely popular with home and office workstations. If a flat viewing configuration is desired for the CMD2415, the maximum width of each display can be approximately 28.5 inches.



CMD2415 Specification drawing of top view of dual monitor beam used with this arm showing maximum side by side monitor size when beam is curved

With the CMD2415 the monitors can be angled in. In this configuration the maximum allowable width for the monitors is approximately 27 inches, assuming 2-inch deep monitors.


100x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
100x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware


The 100 x 200 mm VESA adaptor is compatible with certain larger monitors. It is used to attach the monitor to an Ergomart tilter head, present in all SAA, SA, and LS arms and mounts. If your monitor has a recessed VESA attachment point, you may also need an Ergomart VESA spacer kit, available below in the accessories tab.

200x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
200x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware

This large VESA bracket is intended for mounting a monitor or TV with a 200x200 mm, 100x200 mm, or 120x180 mm hole pattern. The central hole patterns are 50x50 mm, 75x75 mm, and 100x100 mm, enabling this bracket to attach to the mounting location (e.g. an Ergomart Tilter Head) using a VESA 75/100 adaptor.

200x400mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
200x400mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware

The large 200x400 mm VESA adaptor plate supports 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 200 mm square patterns, as well as 100x200 mm, 120x180 mm, 200x300 mm and 200x400 mm rectangular patterns. In some cases an additional 75 or 100 mm VESA adaptor is needed to interface the 200 x 400 mm VESA plate to the mounting location.

Heavy-Duty Mount Adapter Plate 100x300 to 400x600mm
Heavy-Duty Mount Adapter Plate 100x300 to 400x600mm

The extra large MSU4X6 VESA adaptor bracket attaches to a wide range of VESA patterns from 100x300 mm up to 400x600 mm. The hole patterns on the central plate allow it to be mounted to tilter heads or wall mounts, often using an additional smaller VESA plate (e.g., 75 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm or 100x200 mm) in between.

VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/4-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/4" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/2-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/2" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

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  • Do both of my monitors need to be the same size and weight to use this product?

    Not exactly, however their total weight together must be between 20 and 70 pounds and the maximum per monitor weight will be 35 pounds. One monitor should not outwiegh the other by more than 5 pounds. Their total width (added together) must be less than 56.5 inches (actual width measurement/not diagonal measurement). If you require your monitors to angle inward about 10 degrees, allow a maximum total of width of about 55 inches. IMPORTANT NOTE: Different monitors will often not align vertically as one might hope or expect when placed side by side based on variable VESA hole pattern locations.

  • Do you offer a longer horizontal bar/beam for wider monitors?

    Since the weight range of the arm it is substantial. Two larger monitors may exceed the mounting width between tilter heads on the 30" wide beam. In these cases use the triple monitor CMT2415 and remove the center tilter mechanism. Weight capacity per monitor in this case will be 35 pounds per monitor.

  • Can this be mounted vertically so that I have one monitor on top of the other?

    This product is not designed to position monitors one above the other, however, if you contact our customer support we can assist you with alternatives.

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