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SERIES-118 is a large catalog of products designed to work seamlessly with one another to create an easy-to-build, modular mounting system. Not only can each piece be assembled to fit your unique application, but if needs grow or evolve, SERIES-118 modular devices can be added or swapped out without the need to replace the entire system.
The core principle of the SERIES-118 system is the ease of each component working together seamlessly. The large selection of interchangeable pieces makes this single collection of devices capable of solving many problems and fitting many applications.
The modularity of the system enables the design of solutions not only for many common uses but also many one-of-a-kind requirements. For example, a device can be built to handle two disparate sized monitors, monitors that require differing levels of height or depth adjustability, or three, four or even more monitors on a single unit. You can also add keyboard trays, a CPU holder or any number of accessories. In the context of a large project, individual workspaces or end-users may require deviations from a standard mounting setup. The modularity of the SERIES-118 system means that a baseline can be readily adapted to solve specific problems while maintaining the homogeneity of the overall deployment.
Even a highly optimized mounting solution is subject to change: workspaces get remodeled or reconfigured, new ergonomic requirements are instituted, end-user needs change, or technology evolves. With the SERIES-118 system, a mounting configuration that has been deployed can readily evolve by simply adding or replacing individual components without requiring a large new investment in a complete new system. Similarly, a particular solution can be scaled up as business needs grow. Long term maintenance costs are also kept in check since replacement parts for individual components are readily available.
There are three key components to a SERIES-118 modular system: the optional mounting platform (e.g. a pole or a track), the mounting kit (e.g. a receiver for the mounting device) and mounting device (e.g. an arm, stand or other mounting equipment).
SERIES-118 includes four mounting platforms:

Multiple mounting kits and mounting devices can be used with a single mounting platform to create a device fit for the user’s specific application. Each mounting platform has an extensive reference guide detailing the components and capabilities, as well as an overview in the Mounting Platforms page of this reference guide.
Series 118 ref guide mounting kit side view ghosted
Mounting Kits are used to interface the mounting platform with the mounting device to which a monitor, keyboard or other peripheral can be attached. Certain mounting kits can also be used without the mounting platform and instead directly attach to various surfaces, such as desks, walls or medical equipment, depending on the Mounting Kit used. See the Mounting Kits page of this reference guide for detailed information on Mounting Kits.
The Mount Kit on the left is MKIT-E Single Pole Mount, which can be used with both the PM192 Pole Mounts and the MCART Rolling Carts.

Series 118 ref guide mounting devices side view ghosted
SERIES-118 contains a large selection of VESA-compatible mounting devices for monitors, TVs, tablets, keyboards and other peripherals, each with varying height and depth adjustment, tilt, swivel and rotation capabilities. Each device can be either directly attached to a mounting surface such as a desk, wall, slatwall, or medical equipment or they can be attached to any of the four mounting platforms. Multiple mounting devices can be combined together on a single mounting platform to create a system fine-tuned to your application.
The mounting devices include, but are not limited to:
See the links above for more information on each of the various types of mounting devices.

Ergomart offers a large selection of optional accessories that can be used in conjunction with SERIES-118 devices. CPU brackets of various sizes can be mounted on any of the standard platforms. They also attach directly to a vertical surface and even to monitor arms and other mounting components. Dual monitor brackets, drop-down handles and barcode scanner cradles are among the many additional accessories that can be used to complete a mounting configuration.
Ergomart representatives are always on hand to help you configure a SERIES-118 system suited to your specific application. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 888 420 3200 or [email protected] with any questions.