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The Monitor & Keyboard section of this component reference guide describes several workstation mounting solutions that combine a VESA compatible monitor bracket and a keyboard platform into a single product, where many of the same adjustments (for example, height and reach) apply to both devices simultaneously. In some applications, more flexibility is desired, so that the Monitor and Keyboard can be positioned independently. Ergomart provides several options for such applications.
Pole mounted TRS7000AKP keyboard arm in black with the tray in the low position.

The TRS7000AKP is a height adjustable, articulating arm equipped with a keyboard platform. It can be installed on any SERIES118 mounting kit, thus allowing for attachment to a variety of surfaces and equipment such as poles, tracks, walls, desks and more. The arm has plenty of horizontal reach from the mounting point to the back of the tray and ample instant vertical travel, which makes it well-suited for applications requiring sit-to-stand use, even by multiple users of various heights. It is also highly maneuverable so that the tray can easily be moved to just about any position and orientation within its range.
TRS7000AKP keyboard arm height reach adjustment shown from a side view

The TRS7000AKP inherits the same capabilities as the SAA7000 monitor arm, including its instant height and reach adjustability. The SAA7000 can extend horizontally up to 24” from the mounting point to the bracket that supports the keyboard. It also provides up to 16” of instant vertical adjustment enabling sit-to-stand use by multiple users. The keyboard tray can simply be held and maneuvered into the desired position, where it will remain until adjusted again.
TRS7000AKP keyboard arm articulation shown with adjustment arrows from an isometric view

The mount offers three points of articulation: at the base where the arm attaches into the mounting kit (1), at the “elbow” where the lifting arm meets the forearm (2), and at the tilter mechanism, also called the tilter head (3), where the VESA plate and keyboard tray are attached. When mounting surfaces or the attached peripheral(s) do not inhibit movement, each articulation point offers 360° of rotation.

TRS7000AKP keyboard arm tray tilt with adjustment arrows from a side and top view

In the TRS7000AKP, the tilter head is attached under the forearm rather than above it. It provides the tray 90° of downward (negative) and 45° upward (positive) tilt and a full 360° swivel, but it is prevented from rotating, since this is generally not desirable in a keyboard application.
It is also possible to place the tilter head above the forearm so that the tray can fold up a full 90°, as is the case for the keyboard arm found in the EC-EZ2 complete kit for the EC Track, which provides independent monitor and keyboard arms.

Articulating keyboard wall mount for EC Track shown with Deluxe Banana Board Tray with Left/Right Mouse sliding mouse platform under the tray and two 3.5-inch horizontal extensions

Ergomart offers several other options for mounting an independent keyboard to a mounting solution. Examples include the EC-ARTICULATING-TRAY for the EC Track, pictured here. This device does not provide height adjustment, but allows the keyboard to be extended away from the mounting surface, rotated right or left, and even folded back with the tray stowed up. Similar solutions are available for other applications, though they may not be advertised on their own web pages. Please contact Ergomart at 888 420 3200 or [email protected] to find out more.