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The PM192 Pole Mount System’s high level of customization allows for its use in a large variety of environments and applications. The sheer number of possible combinations can complicate the product selection process, especially when it comes to relatively simple requirements for commonly encountered scenarios.
In order to make assembling a system easier, Ergomart has created three convenient PM192-EZ “off-the-shelf” complete kits. Each one offers an entire Pole Mount System that can be ordered from a single web page, with the ability to configure the pole length, the base type, the VESA monitor mounts, and the keyboard tray size. The PM192-EZ kits can be purchased as is, augmented with additional modular components and accessories or simply used as a reference point for more closely tailored setups.

LOBBY-192 monitor pole stand with MSU4x6 VESA plate and SERIES-192 offset base
The PM192-EZ1 Lobby Display Stand is designed to mount a single large VESA-compatible LCD or TV with a weight ranging from 35 to 80 lb. It can be used with a free standing base or a floor or ceiling mounted flange. The pole length is also customizable. The mounting device attached to the pole is PM80 heavy duty direct pole mount, shown in the image with a very large adaptor bracket that handles VESA mounting patterns up to 400 mm x 600 mm. The PM192 is ideal for displays used in medical or retail environments, in lobbies or at trade shows.

KIOSK-192 pole-mounted monitor and keyboard shown from the front in lowest position
PM192-EZ2 Floor Stand Kiosk is a monitor & keyboard workstation that can handle monitors up to 20 lb. The monitor and keyboard combination arm provides simultaneous 17.5” of vertical and 18” of horizontal travel to the entire data entry station. Free-standing or floor/ceiling bolted base options are available along with 5 pole lengths. The main mounting device is the TRS2018 monitor and keyboard arm, which is installed on the PM192 pole using the MKIT-E Pole Mount Kit. The PM192-EZ2 is ideal for light industrial, retail, office, and healthcare workstation applications.

TRIPLE-192 series monitor mount pole stand seen from an isometric view
PM192-EZ3 Triple Monitor Floor Stand arranges three monitors weighing up to 30 pounds and measuring up to 27” in width in a side-by-side configuration along a three beam articulating mount. The beams supporting the outer monitors can be oriented in a flat or arc formation. Each monitor has a great deal of positioning flexibility. It can be moved along its beam, tilted up or down, turned left or right and rotated into a portrait or landscape orientation. The main mounting device is the PM63 triple monitor direct pole mount which can be installed at any height along the pole. As with all PM192-EZ Complete Kits, the Triple Monitor Floor Stand comes with all the standard pole and base options.

These PM192-EZ Complete Kits are just a small representation of what is possible to build with the PM192 Pole Mount System. The comprehensive catalog of Direct Pole Mounts and the SERIES-118 mounting devices includes many more options for horizontal and/or vertical adjustment, weight capacity, multi-monitor mounting and compatible accessories. These can be added to any of the Complete Kits to expand their basic capabilities, provided proper consideration is given to the stability of the overall solution. The PM192-EZ Complete Kit can thus serve as a basis for a more complex system or simply inspiration for building a unit from scratch that best suits your needs.
Please browse the many options in our PM192 catalog or contact an Ergomart representative for help building a solution by calling 888-420-3200 or emailing us at [email protected].