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COMBO2 wall track shown with dual monitor bracket and keyboard tray arms in high position with CPU holder
EC-EZ Complete Kits are pre-designed, yet highly configurable bundles that cover common usage layouts and applications. The EC-EZ2 Complete Kit focuses on sit-stand mounts: a complete workstation featuring independent height adjustable arms for both the monitor and keyboard mounting, providing sit-to-stand capabilities for most users. The options for each component are explained below and include multiple weight ranges to accommodate a variety of monitor sizes.
The EC-EZ2 consists of multiple selections for each of the following items:
  • EC Track Rail
  • Monitor Arm
  • Keyboard Tray Arm (Optional)
  • CPU Holder (Optional)

EC track lengths in both black and silver front view
The standard track sizes - 19”, 27”, 39”, 51” and 78” - are all available with the EC-EZ2 Sit-Stand Complete Kit. The 51” and 78” tracks can be purchased with or without port access holes. The holes are cut-outs in the track that are designed to be placed over duplex power outlets. This allows power plugs and/or network connectors to be obscured behind the track for a cleaner look.
Black is the standard, quick-ship color. Metallic gray and matte white will most often require additional lead times.
More information about EC-TRACK rails, including specifications and key features, can be found on the EC-TRACK Wall Tracks section of this Reference Guide.
Please contact Ergomart with any queries regarding customizations: custom lengths and colors can be accommodated for large quantity orders.

The EC-EZ2 offers a height adjustable arm that can be mounted anywhere along the track. The arm provides three points of horizontal articulation, at the base, elbow and monitor. There are three weight capacity options to support a wide range of monitor sizes. All weight range options provide the same depth adjustment, reaching out to approximately 26” from the mounting surface. The lighter weight ranges, 5-13 and 9-23 lb, utilize the SAA7000 Monitor Arm and offer 16.75” of instant vertical travel. The heavier weight range of 24-55 lb uses the SAA2415 Monitor Arm, which has slightly less reach at 15.5”. Both arms have enough vertical adjustment to provide sit-stand capability for multi-user workstations in most cases.
The arms also come with two tilter mechanism options, which are split into two weight ranges. Both provide the same tilt, swivel and rotation capabilities. Detailed information can be found on the Tilter Mechanism section of the SERIES-118 Reference Guide.
The arms come standard with 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm VESA patterns. If your monitor is towards the heavier/larger side, the VESA pattern may be larger. The EC-EZ2 also includes optional VESA plates in the accessories tab of the product page to accommodate sizes up to 400 x 600mm.
Please note: it is important to measure the weight of the monitor without any removable stands or additional weight to choose the correct weight options. If the monitor is too light or too heavy for the mount, it will not maintain its height when placed.


SAA7000 Monitor arm desk mounted in high position from a front isometric view in black - badge tile
  • 5-13 lb and 9-23 lb weight capacities
  • 26” of horizontal reach
  • 16.75” of vertical travel


SAA2415 heavy-duty monitor arm mount shown in high position in black - tile
  • 24-55 lb weight capacity
  • 26” of horizontal reach
  • 15.5” of vertical travel


COMBO2 specification drawing of dual arm wall mount track system depicting travel and perpendicular reach of keyboard and monitor The SAA2415 monitor arm (shown) has 15.63” of vertical travel. The SAA7000 has slightly more, at 16.5”.


COMBO2 specification drawing of wall mount track system depicting vertical travel and lateral reach of monitor arm When any of the arms are extended horizontally, the maximum reach from the mounting surface is 26”. As the monitor is raised or lowered, the reach is slightly reduced.


Tilter head standalone isometric black
  • Handles 0-35 lb monitors
  • Provides tilt, swivel and portrait/landscape rotation


Tilter hds heavy duty spring tilter head standalone isometric black
  • Handles 15-55 lb monitors
  • Provides tilt, swivel and portrait/landscape rotation

The sit-stand keyboard tray arm is separate and independent from the arm used to mount the monitor. It inherits all the adjustment options of the SAA7000 monitor arm, resulting in a keyboard & mouse mount with exceptional positioning flexibility for multiple users, whether they are seated or standing.


Height adjustable keyboard wall mount for EC Track shown with a 26-inch keyboard tray with palm rest and mousetrap The keyboard tray has full swivel until the tray touches the arm, as well as 90° upwards and 45° downwards tilt. As with its counterpart used for monitor mounting, the keyboard arm has rotational articulation at the base, the elbow and the tilter mechanism.


COMBO2 specification drawing of wall mount track system with extended monitor arm from side view The keyboard arm reaches out 36.25” from the mounting surface to the front edge of the 8.5” deep, 20” or 26” wide standard keyboard tray.


COMBO2 specification drawing of wall mount track system depicting an extended standard tray arm travel and reach The keyboard arm provides 16.75” of vertical adjustment to the keyboard and mouse, enabling sit stand use for most multi-user applications.


COMBO2 specification drawing of wall mount track system from side view with keyboard tray arm folded back toward wall When the keyboard tray is not in use, the arm can be folded back against the track and the keyboard tray folded up and stowed away creating a very minimal footprint, only 6.5” from the mounting surface.

There are 6 standard options for the keyboard tray itself. Additional trays in the SERIES-118 family can be seen on the Keyboard Trays section of the SERIES-118 Reference Guide. If you need to customize an EC-EZ2 or any EC-TRACK mount with a non-standard tray, please contact us at 888 420 3200 or [email protected].


TRS20 Phenolic Keyboard Tray 20" wide
  • Best for keyboard-only set-ups
  • 20”x8.5” phenolic keyboard tray
  • Includes cable clips to manage wires
  • Included Velcro keeps keyboard from slipping


TRS20 phelonic keyboard tray with armrest shown from an isometric view
  • Includes ergonomic palmrest for added comfort when keying and mousing


TRS26 Phenolic Keyboard Tray 26" wide
  • Ideal for keyboard and mouse
  • 26”x8.5” phenolic keyboard tray
  • Includes cable clips to manage wires
  • Included Velcro keeps keyboard from slipping
  • Comes with MouseTrap to capture mouse when folded


TRS26 phelonic keyboard tray with armrest shown from an isometric view
  • Includes ergonomic palmrest for added comfort when keying and mousing


Premium NPE soft keyboard tray from an isometric view
  • 26”x12” suited for keyboard and mouse
  • Anti-skid, soft surface prevents slipping
  • Made with lightweight, noise- reducing urethane over steel plate
  • Rounded, raised edging with built-in palm rest
  • Wire management cut-outs along back of tray


Left/right mouse tray from an isometric view
  • Deluxe mouse tray with non-skid keyboard pad
  • Built-in document holder on back edge
  • Two integrated cable management slots
  • Memory foam palm support
  • Sliding, reversible left or right-handed mouse surface
  • Raised edge keeps mouse from falling


EC-TRACK vertical wall track with CPU bracket below articulating keyboard tray
The CPU Holder is an optional component of the EC-EZ2 Complete Kit. It can be attached anywhere on the track. The CPU can therefore sit above or below the rest of the components, depending on what best suits the user’s needs. The CPU Holder comes in 5 sizes to match a wide range of CPU widths:
  • 1.12” - 2.38” Thin Client
  • 2” - 3.5” Small
  • 3” - 5” Medium
  • 4” - 6.25” Large
  • 5” - 8.25” Extra Large

When purchasing the optional CPU Holder, it is recommended to select a standard track larger than 19” to ensure all components will fit.

The EZ-EC2 represents only a small fraction of the possibilities available with the EC-TRACK. You may use it as a starting point for a system more tailored to your application: start with an EC-EZ2 configured with a rail size and a monitor arm and then add other modular EC-TRACK Direct Mounts (such as the Articulating Keyboard Tray). You may also select a compatible SERIES-118 modular device (such as a second monitor arm) and attach it with the MKIT-F Mounting Kit. The EC-Z2 Compete kit may also simply serve as inspiration: an example to follow for building a sit-stand workstation from scratch using different monitor arms and other modular devices available in the SERIES-118 catalog.
Ergomart is always happy to help guide you to a solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 888 420 3200 or [email protected] so you can leverage our team’s knowledge and experience.