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Light-Duty Horizontal Extensions

Ergomart's light-duty horizontal extensions can increase the reach of some mounts, providing the attached equipment stays within the acceptable weight range. There are two size offerings, allowing you to add 3.5 or 7 inches of reach to the mounting solution. These can be combined to create additional lengths: 10.5" (3.5" + 7") and 14" (7" + 7") with one more point of articulation. The extensions are available in three colors - black, metallic gray (shown in the images below) and matte white.

3.5" (SINGLE)


7" (3.5" + 3.5")

10.5" (7" + 3.5")

14" (7" + 7")

3.5-inch horizontal extension (metallic gray) 7-inch horizontal extension (metallic gray) 2 3.5-inch horizontal extensions attached (metallic gray) 7-inch and 3.5-inch horizontal extensions attached (metallic gray) 2 7-inch horizontal extensions attached (metallic gray)

The table below provides the max weight* for single and combined extensions:

3.5" (single) 35 pounds*
7" (single) 32 pounds*
7" (3.5" + 3.5") 32 pounds*
11.5" (3.5" + 7") 28 pounds*
14" (7" + 7") 23 pounds*

The LD horizontal extensions are compatible with the following products: iLander iLX2-9110S, WM9110S, WM-9110T, Wire Shelving Monitor Mount, Wall Track Mount Combo 1, Wall Track Mount Combo 3, PM42, PM40-BB103, and TRS91HD.

*Review the weight restrictions for extensions when retrofitting them to any product. As an example, the WM9110S is not designed to support the extensions to the capacity listed in the table above. If you require assistance, please contact us via email or speak with a representative at Ergomart at 888 420 3200.