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SERIES-118 monitor and keyboard mounts offer a range of monitor and keyboard combinations, including arms, stands and single and dual monitor options. They provide a simple way to create a workstation in a single device. Which monitor and keyboard mount best suits a particular application depends on the number of monitors, the weight and size of the monitor(s) and keyboard, and the adjustability required for the task.

The following images illustrate the main features found in most SERIES-118 monitor and keyboard mounts, with emphasis on the TRS2018, TRS2415, TRS2718, TRS7000, and TRS413.
The TRP2718 achieves much of the same functionality in slightly different ways, as noted below. The TRS2818 is structured differently and is briefly discussed at the end of this section.
RT TRS mount roller track monitor keyboard backbar mounting locations adjustment animation
Most of Ergomart’s workstation mounts feature an L-shaped bracket called the backbar that provides several ways to attach and adjust a monitor and a keyboard tray in relation to an underlying mounting arm or stand.
The backbar has multiple sets of mounting holes providing significant flexibility when it comes to setting the baseline vertical position of the keyboard and monitor with respect to the mounting device.
SERIES-118 monitor keyboard vertical adjustment
The backbar has a 6.6” groove for attaching the VESA adapter, allowing the user to set the center point of the monitor’s VESA pattern anywhere between 13.2” and 6.6” above the keyboard .
Similarly, the TRP2718 (not pictured) has multiple sets of holes for attaching the monitor at varying distances above the keyboard tray.
SERIES-118 workstation monitor tilt, rotation, and folding keyboard adjustment
The backbar is attached to a tilter mechanism providing simultaneous adjustment to the monitor and keyboard. Most useful is the tilt (1) and swivel (discussed later). Simultaneous monitor/keyboard rotation is generally not desired and can be prevented using an optional device.
Instant independent rotation of the monitor is useful and made possible by the fact that the VESA slider attached to the backbar can be rotated 360° between landscape and portrait (2). This feature is not available in the TRP2718.
The tray can be folded upwards to stow the keyboard and mouse (3), which helps conserve space when the arm is not in use. When folded back, the mouse is captured by the Mousetrap (available with 26”-wide trays) to keep it secure (4).

SERIES-118 instant height adjustment of workstation keyboard and monitor mount from a side view
Monitor arms provide instant vertical height adjustment for the monitor and keyboard simultaneously. The arm can be lifted or lowered by hand and then will remain at the specified height until adjusted again.
The total adjustable range depends on the arm being used. The table below details the distance each monitor and keyboard mount can travel in the “Instant Vertical Adjustment” column.
Monitor stands such as the TRS413 do not provide instant height adjustment.

SERIES-118 workstation keyboard and monitor mount horizontal reach and retraction from a side view
Monitor arms and stands allow the monitor and keyboard to be extended out a distance from the mounting point. The articulating arm can be folded back when not in use to conserve space. The ability to fold the keyboard tray up creates an even more compact footprint.
The total extended reach for each mount depends on which arm is utilized. The arm length when at maximum extension for each mount is shown in the table below in the column “Instant Horizontal Reach”.

SERIES-118 workstation keyboard and monitor mount pivoting points of adjustment
All monitor and keyboard mounts inherit the capabilities of the underlying mounting device.
SERIES-118 height adjustable arms generally offer three points of articulation: at the base where the arm attaches into the mounting kit (1), at the “elbow” where the lifting arm meets the forearm (2) and at the tilter mechanism (3) to which the backbar is attached. Each articulation point offers 360° of rotation.
The simplest example of a SERIES-118 stand with a keyboard tray is the TRS413 (not shown). The straight arm segments in such devices provide similar rotational adjustment at each joint.

TRS 2818 workstation keyboard and monitor mount points of adjustment
TRS2818S and TRS2818D (pictured) differ from other monitor and keyboard mounts. They do not feature a backbar. Instead, there are two tilter mechanisms that provide independent tilt, swivel and rotation to the monitor and keyboard. The monitor is attached to a pole at a fixed distance from the keyboard.

SERIES-118 dual monitor mount plate adjustment
Dual monitor and keyboard mounts are equipped with dual monitor brackets that allow for two monitors to be mounted side-by-side. The ADJ1523 works for monitors up to 23” in width, whereas the ADJ1430 accommodates monitors up to 30” in width. Each bracket has two slots for horizontal positioning of monitors and supports 75 mm, 100 mm and 100x200 mm rotating VESA adapters. The total weight capacity of the solution must take into account the weight of this bracket.
The TRP2718D and TRS2818D have this feature.

Mount Type Number of Monitors Weight Capacity
(with 1 lb for keyboard/mouse)
Instant Horizontal Reach Instant Vertical Adjustment Monitor Position Adjustment
TRS2018 Arm 1 1-20 lb 20” 18" VESA center 6.5” to 13.25" above keyboard
TRS2415 Arm 1 2-35 lb 27” 14.5" VESA center 6.5” to 13.25" above keyboard
TRS2718 Arm 1 1-20 lb 27” 17.5" VESA center 6.5” to 13.25" above keyboard
TRS7000 Arm 1 5-16 lb 27” 15.25" VESA center 6.5” to 13.25" above keyboard
TRP2718S Arm 1 1-20 lb 27” 17.5" VESA center 11” to 13" above keyboard
TRP2718D Arm 2 0-8 lb per monitor 27” 17.5" VESA center 11” to 13" above keyboard
TRS2818S Arm 1 4-37 lb 24” 18" VESA center fixed at 12” above keyboard
TRS2818D Arm 2 0-22 lb per monitor 24” 18" VESA center fixed at 12” above keyboard
TRS413 Stand 1 0-35 lb 5.5” N/A, but can be readjusted along pole VESA center 6.5” to 13.25" above keyboard