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The Ergomart Roller Track System consists of a heavy-duty horizontal track and a large selection of compatible mounting equipment for monitors and other peripherals. Unlike most static solutions where the mounts with various degrees of adjustment are anchored at a fixed position, the Roller Track offers a more dynamic approach to mounting, allowing attached equipment to slide with ease during everyday use. This movement is separate and in addition to any articulation provided from the monitor mount itself, creating a highly adjustable, versatile system.
Roller Track reference guide custom solutions concept line drawing
Ergomart designs custom builds for unique applications

Mounting Surfaces While the system is most commonly mounted to walls, the track can be configured to attach to both vertical and horizontal surfaces and structures, including poles, machinery, struts, desks, ceilings, and floors.
Heavy-Duty Construction The Roller Track System is built with high quality materials and constructed in the USA. The track is made with heavy-duty anodized aluminum suited for years of reliable performance.
Compatible Mounts The Roller Track system is exceptionally versatile and allows for a great deal of customization and flexibility. The system serves as a scalable wall mounting infrastructure accommodating countless possibilities for reconfiguration and expansion while maintaining organization and visual harmony as equipment needs evolve.
Height-adjustable systems A variety of Ergomart lifting arms and mounts work in conjunction with SERIES-118 mounting kits to deliver vertical adjustment of up to 28".
Fixed height systems Simple low-profile flush and articulating VESA-compatible mounts can keep the mounted devices close to the track while still providing lateral travel.
Multi-monitor mounting Mount as many components as required with within the acceptable weight capacity.
RT ST632 VESA mount on Roller Track with positioner option isometric front view
RT-FLUSH-TILT VESA mount with Positioner option
RT-FLUSH mount with Positioner option

An in-depth look at Ergomart’s compatible modular mounting options can be found in the SERIES-118 Modular Mounting and Flush Mounts sections of this Roller Track component reference guide.
Applications The Roller Track is ideal for technical, manufacturing and industrial workstations, broadcast and monitoring environments and medical facilities where the ability to move monitors or devices laterally is an important factor in efficiency and productivity.
  • Equipment continuously repositioned for optimal usability (e.g., audio visual studios, ball transfer tables and conveyor based manufacturing environments or packing workstations)
  • Equipment that must be added or replaced relatively frequently (e.g., showrooms, stores, gyms, restaurants and sports bars, growing businesses)
  • Disparate sized monitors that need to be arranged in logical and useful configurations to create order and organization (e.g., security monitoring stations, showrooms)
  • Monitors or other devices mounted overhead and moved laterally and pulled down for user interface and then pushed back out of the way after use (e.g., medical/patient care)