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The SERIES-118 modular mounting system is an integrated catalog of compatible mounting devices that can be combined to create adaptable, scalable and cost-efficient solutions for a wide range of workspaces and applications. The SERIES-118 system offers:
  • Flexibility that addresses a range of requirements, including weight capacity, positioning, mobility and footprint that facilitates the design of mounting solutions for almost any purpose
  • Ease of adaptation to unique, specific situations, making it possible to deploy a company-wide standard design with the ability to tailor individual units according to special requirements
  • The ability for users to scale up, down, or make replacements when needs or mounted peripherals change without the cost burden of an entirely new system, resulting in significant savings in the long-term
More information about the SERIES-118 system can be viewed in the SERIES-118 System Component Reference Guide.
There are three key components to a SERIES-118 modular system:
  • The mounting platform (pole or track)
  • The mounting kit (receiver for the mounting device)
  • The mounting device (arm, stand or other mounting equipment)
Important notes:
  • The mounting platform is optional component; certain mounting kits are designed to directly attach to surfaces such as desks or walls
  • Multiple mounting kits and mounting devices can be used with a single mounting platform (e.g. multiple arms on a pole)

The mounting platform for the PM192 includes the heavy-duty PM192 Pole and one of three Bases. The pole is available in five standard lengths and can be customized upon request. There are three base options: the free-standing center and offset bases and the flange base which is secured into the mounting surface. The flange base can be attached to either the floor or ceiling.
The MCART also utilizes the same heavy-duty pole, which is attached to the MCART rolling base - a wide platform on 4 sturdy casters.
For detailed information on the PM192 and MCART mounting platforms, see the PM192 & MCART Poles, PM192 Bases and MCART Base sections of the component reference guides.

Mounting Kits are used to connect the mounting platform (the pole) with the mounting device to which a monitor, keyboard or other peripheral can be attached. The SERIES-118 mounting kits used with the PM192 Pole Mounts and MCART Rolling Carts are MKIT-E, MKIT-J and MKIT-Y.

MKIT-E Single Mount Kit

MKIT-E pole mount arm mount kit shown in black
  • Accepts a single mounting device
  • Mounts anywhere on PM192/MCART pole
  • Position and secure with 4 socket head cap screws

MKIT-J Dual Mount Kit

MKIT-J dual heavy-duty pole mount shown in black
  • Accepts two mounting devices
  • Mounts anywhere on PM192/MCART pole
  • Position and secure with 4 socket head cap screws

MKIT-Y Pole Top Mount Kit

MKIT-Y pole top mount for SERIES-192 poles in black
  • Accepts a single mounting device
  • Mounts to top of PM192/MCART pole
  • Slots into pole top after finishing cap has been removed

The Mounting Kits are used to interface the mounting platform with VESA-compatible mounting devices for monitors, TVs, tablets, keyboards and other peripherals, each with varying height and depth adjustment, tilt, swivel and rotation capabilities. Ergomart’s SERIES-118 modular mount selection is large and readily customizable.

Fixed-Height Mounting

192 Center mount floor stand with ten monitors back to back Ten PM40 low profile monitor mounts in a symmetrical arrangement on a PM192 Center floor stand

Height-Adjustable Mounting

192 Center mount floor stand with four monitor arms back to back Four SAA7000 monitor arms installed on a PM192 Center floor stand using two MKIT-J dual pole mounts

Multi-Monitor Mount Kit Mounting

LS9137D horizontal track from side view with four monitors mounted Two LS9137D articulating dual monitor mounts with the secure pole option attached to a ceiling-mounted PM192 pole using a MKIT-J dual pole mount

Combine for Your Application

Height adjustable monitor and keyboard arms on a floor stand with center mounted heavy duty pole and a base cover. LS1512D articulating dual monitor mount and a TRS7000AKP keyboard arm mounted on a PM192 Center floor stand using two MKIT-E pole mounts

Ergomart has pre-assembled several Complete Kits composed of SERIES-118 and Direct Pole Mount components which can be reviewed on the PM192-EZ Complete Kits and MCART-EZ Complete Kits sections of their respective reference guides. These kits can be used as-is for the more commonly encountered applications, or provide a convenient base to create solutions without the need to build a system from scratch.
SERIES-118 components include accessories that can also be added to the PM192 or MCART to facilitate monitor adjustment, increase monitor reach or add additional mounting options for devices such as CPUs or barcode scanners.
Ergomart representatives are always on hand to help you configure a PM192 or MCART system suited to your specific application. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 888 420 3200 or [email protected] with any questions.