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The Ergomart Extended Capacity Track (EC-TRACK) System represents a versatile and heavy-duty mounting approach designed to provide stable wall-mounting for displays, computers and other electronic equipment while concealing and protecting cables and wiring. Many common mounting devices may leave the user with unsightly and potentially dangerous wires protruding from the mounting unit, but the EC-TRACK has a large capacity to accommodate wiring behind the mounts. In addition, the longer rails also provide optional access ports so the cables can plug-in right behind the mount. Combined with its wide range of both fixed-height and height-adjustable peripheral mounting options, the EC-TRACK is ideal for use in any number of wall-mounted applications.
ec track custom solution three over three monitor wall mount shown from a front view
Ergomart designs custom builds for unique applications

The EC-TRACK System is designed specifically for wall mounting, either to studs or backer board. The EC-TRACK Rails section of this guide outlines important information and considerations on how to appropriately mount the track. Professional installation is always recommended.
The EC-TRACK System is built with high quality materials and is assembled in the US. The aluminum rail is also environmentally friendly being 99% recyclable by weight.
As with all Ergomart SERIES-118 mounting systems, the EC-TRACK System provides a great deal of configurability and flexibility for creating tailored workspaces for a large number of applications.
Several paths are available for integrating the EC-TRACK into a workspace:

Note that the above approaches can be combined. EC-EZ Complete Kits can serve as examples of what can be achieved by following a more modular approach. Individual devices available within the EC-EZ Complete kits can be purchased individually as modular mounts or assembled as the basis of the SERIES-118 system.
With such a large selection of compatible mounts, the EC-TRACK can address many mounting scenarios, including requirements for displays, monitors, keyboards, CPUs and other equipment in height-adjustable, compact, or multi-monitor configurations.
COMBO1 vertical wall track with CPU bracket at top and articulating monitor mount and articulating keyboard tray
EC-EZ1 Low-Profile System
COMBO3 EC wall track shown with pole extension and quad monitor mounts holding four monitors above articulating keyboard tray and CPU bracket at the bottom
EC-EZ3 with Quad Monitor Mount Option

With its initial components, an EC-TRACK system can be modified by simply adjusting the components to a new position along the track if required. In addition, if a new peripheral needs to be attached - a new mount can be added as well, providing the space allows. If it doesn’t - a larger track can be swapped out, while still re-using all the original peripheral mounting components, greatly reducing future costs. As technology or other requirements evolve, the adaptable and configurable nature of the EC-TRACK provides monetary savings in the long run.
The highly-versatile design of the EC-TRACK System and SERIES-118 components contain the answers for the majority of scenarios. From time to time, it might be necessary to either modify an existing device or design a custom component to address individual issues. Ergomart has over 20 years of experience assisting organizations in creating mounting solutions for special usage applications. One of our previous designs can often be adapted to address a new requirement in a cost-efficient way. If the problem is truly unique, our engineering team can work closely with you to explore new mounting approaches.
The EC-TRACK is ideal for healthcare facilities, including patient rooms, dental and eye clinics, as well as various office and light industrial environments - anywhere a space-efficient, modular wall-mounted system could be utilized. The system particularly shines as a wall-mounted workstation with all of the components compactly contained in one unit. It can even be configured for ADA compliance, with the main components folding to less than 4” from the wall while still providing lots of adjustability for ease of use.
The EC-TRACK system and the SERIES-118 provide a powerful toolkit, which can also be a bit complex: there are often many ways to arrive at a desired solution and the best one may not always be immediately apparent. Do not hesitate to contact us at 888 420 3200 or [email protected]. Our team’s knowledge and experience can save you some time.