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The SERIES-118 modular mounting system is a large collection of compatible parts that enable the design of flexible, scalable and cost-efficient mounting solutions. The SERIES-118 system offers:
  • A set of components that can be combined and configured to address a wide range ergonomic applications
  • An adaptable approach that can be deployed in both small and large-scale projects
  • Short-term savings with the ability to create a tailored system that meets present needs and long-term savings through maximal reuse of existing components when needs change
More details about the SERIES-118 system can be found in the SERIES-118 System Component Reference Guide.
The SERIES-118 modular system is comprised of three main components:
  • The mounting platform (e.g. a track or a pole)
  • The mounting kit (e.g. a receiver for the mounting device)
  • The mounting device (e.g. a height-adjustable arm or compact mount)
Important notes:
  • The mounting platform is optional since certain mounting kits directly attach to various surfaces, such as desks or walls.
  • Multiple mounting kits and mounting devices can be used with a single mounting platform (e.g. multiple arms on a single track).


The mounting platform for the EC-TRACK is the heavy-duty EC-TRACK Rail. It is available in five standard lengths (19”, 27”, 39”, 51” and 78”) and can be customized upon request. The two largest sizes - 51” and 78” - are available with optional ports that enable access to outlets located behind the track. It features a large internal space to route cables and wires through the length of the track. It is available in three colors: the standard color black, metallic gray and matte white. For detailed information on the EC-TRACK mounting platform, see the EC-TRACK Rail section of this component reference guide.
EC track lengths in both black and silver front view


Mounting Kits are used to interface the mounting platform with the mounting device to which a monitor, keyboard or other peripheral can be attached.
The EC-TRACK exclusively uses the MKIT-F mounting kit, which is compatible with almost any SERIES-118 mounting device - making the EC-TRACK a highly versatile and configurable system. The MKIT-F is not height-adjustable - it locks into place with two Allen set screws. However, the mount can be secured anywhere along the EC-TRACK Rail and repositioned when necessary. It is available in black, metallic gray and matte white to match the EC-TRACK.
MKIT-F heavy-duty track mount shown in black
The MKIT-F mounting kit is designed to accept mounting devices for monitors, TVs, tablets, keyboards, and other peripherals, each with varying height and depth adjustment, tilt, swivel and rotation capabilities. Ergomart’s SERIES-118 modular mount selection is large and highly customizable, including many fixed-height and height adjustable arms for one or more monitors, keyboard and mouse trays, equipment platforms and accessories for other peripherals.

Articulating wall mount for the EC-TRACK with a 75/100 mm VESA adapter and a 7-inch horiztonal extension arm in black.
Height adjustable keyboard wall mount for EC Track shown with a 20-inch keyboard tray with palm rest

combo3 multi monitor arm isometric view cropped

combo4 equipment arm isometric view

Ergomart has pre-assembled four EC-TRACK EZ Complete Kits composed of SERIES-118 components which are detailed in the individual EZ-EC Complete Kit pages of this reference guide. Each configurable kit addresses a common usage scenario with a single page for purchasing all components needed for a complete wall-mount workstation.
SERIES-118 components also includes a range of accessories that can also be added to the EC-TRACK to facilitate monitor adjustment, increase monitor reach or add mounting options for devices such as CPUs or barcode scanners. These are compatible with both Complete Kits and EC-TRACK systems built from scratch.
SERIES-118 presents a vast range of possibilities and Ergomart representatives are always on hand to help you configure an EC-TRACK system suited to your specific application. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 888 420 3200 or [email protected].