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SERIES-118 monitor arms come in a wide range of capabilities and sizes. Each has their own weight limit, monitor capacity, horizontal reach and vertical travel distance.

SERIES-118 arm height adjustment arrows shown from a side view
Monitor arms are equipped with a gas spring cylinder that allows them to balance a payload such as a monitor anywhere along the range available for instant vertical adjustment. Simply grab and move the monitor to the desired position and release it. The monitor should stay at that position, provided the arm is configured to the correct lifting force. The SERIES-118 catalog contains arms with different amounts of horizontal and vertical reach. Each arm has multiple lifting strength options to accommodate monitors and touchscreens of varying sizes. For more information, refer to the Lifting Arm Capacity section of this reference guide.
SERIES-118 monitor arm rotation adjustment arrows shown from an isometric view
Each arm offers three points of articulation: at the base where the arm attaches into the mounting kit, at the “elbow” where the bottom half of the arm meets the top half, and at the tilter head, where the VESA plate and monitor are attached. When mounting surfaces or the attached peripheral(s) do not inhibit movement, each articulation point offers 360 degrees of rotation.
The tilter head attached to the arm provides tilt and portrait/landscape rotation as well. The range of tilt depends on the tilter head being used. Details about tilter mechanism ranges and weight capacities can be viewed on the Tilter Mechanisms reference guide page.

Single monitor arms can be converted to dual monitor arms by fitting them with a dual bracket. The bracket attaches to the tilter mechanism, and then allows for a VESA compatible monitor to be attached to each side. Individual monitor adjustment is limited, but the monitor attachments sit in a groove that provides horizontal adjustability so multiple monitor sizes can be accommodated. The monitors can also be rotated from landscape to portrait. Height, tilt and swivel adjustment is simultaneous with both monitors. The total weight of the monitors and the dual bracket must still be in the acceptable weight range for the arm in order for the device to function correctly.
The bracket comes in two sizes: Dual Bracket for monitors up to 23” in width and Dual Bracket for monitors up to 30” in width.
ADJ1523 dual monitor bracket mounted to SAA2415 HD monitor arm

These highly adjustable arms have two to three monitors on a single monitor arm. Each monitor is mounted on a separate tilter mechanism, providing individual tilt, swivel and portrait/landscape rotation. The tilter mechanisms can be mounted anywhere along the horizontal mounting beam, accommodating various monitor widths. Height and depth adjustment is simultaneous for all monitors with the single arm.
Dual Arms: CMD2018KIT, CMD2415KIT
Triple Arm: CMT2415KIT
CMT2415 HD steel triple monitor height adjustable arm with beam extrusion in black desk mounted high position front view - assembled in the USA
Multi-arm monitor mounts have multiple arms, each with a single monitor, mounted on a single central pole. This set-up allows for the greatest versatility and adjustment for each individual monitor. Each monitor has independent tilt, swivel, portrait/landscape adjustment as well as separate depth and height movement.
Dual Mount: SA2A
Quad Mount: SA4A
SA4A quad monitor stand with monitors positioned in a square formation

Below is a comparison of all SERIES-118 monitor arms, detailing their weight capacity, vertical travel and horizontal reach.
Arm Monitor Capacity Weight Range (per monitor) Horizontal Reach Vertical Adjustment
SAA2010KIT 1* 4 - 34 lb 20” 10”
SAA2045KIT 1* 5 - 26 lb 19” 15.5”
SAA2415KIT 1* 11 - 55 lb 22” 14.5”
SAA2718KIT 1* 3 - 38 lb 27” 17.5”
SAA4229KIT 1* 5 - 35 lb 44” 28”
SAA7000KIT 1* 5 - 28 lb 24” 16”
SAA179KIT 1* 9 - 36 lb 16” 10”
CMD2018KIT 2 12 lb 23.5” 18”
CMD2415KIT 2 10 - 35 lb 21” 14”
CMT2415KIT 3 25 lb 21.5” 14.5”
SA2A 2 5-28 lb 23” 16”
SA4A 4 5-23 lb 23” 16”

*Accepts 2 monitors when using a dual bracket, provided that the total weight of the two monitors and the dual bracket is within the weight range.