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The Roller Track system offers two types of Wire Management - a simple wire management trough that is suited for use with all Roller Track systems and the more advanced drag chain and fastener that is an option with some flush mounts for the Roller Track system.

Wire Management Trough

RT Roller Track horizontal mounting rail wire management trough The RT Wire Management Trough is a simple but effective wire management conduit that can be mounted below the RT Rail to contain and conceal wires attached to the equipment. The trough does not come pre-drilled and is designed so that holes for fasteners and outlet access can be custom-drilled in the field during installation. It is available in black and can be ordered in 39" and 78" lengths. Other colors may be available for large orders.

Wire Management Drag Chain

RT-FLUSH Roller Track compact mounts illustrating wire management drag chain and trough. The Wire Management Fastener and Drag Chain work in conjunction with the Wire Management Trough to provide a fully capable wire management system even when the device is being moved frequently along the Roller Track rail. The drag chain attaches to the fastener bracket, available with the low profile Roller Track flush mounts: RT-FLUSH compact monitor mount, RT-FLUSH-QR quick release rotating monitor mount and RT-ST632 quick release tilting monitor mount. The cables are then fed through the chain and smoothly move with the attached mount as it travels along the track. Please call Ergomart at 888 420 3200 to order this accessory.