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Vertical Brake and Limiter

Ergomart's unique Vertical Brake and Travel Limiter system delivers two important functions for our monitor and equipment lifting arms: (A) an instant knob activated lock/brake to insure arms hold fast at a user-selected height and (B) two adjustable stopping points that limit vertical travel to within a defined range.

Some work environments require that the lifting arm and the respective payload do not interfere with other work activities and devices while moving about their work envelope. Infinitely adjustable built-in limiter stops can be used to restrict the upper and lower bounds of the arms vertical travel to any two points within its full range of motion. These stops are set once during arm installation.

The easily adjusted brake knob is located along the side of the lifting arm. Minimal effort is required to loosen or tighten the knob. Once tightened, the knob acts as a brake, effectively locking the arm at a desired height. It must be loosened again to allow the arm to move freely within its vertical travel range. The brake is especially useful when the lifting arm is used to balance variable payloads.





Vertical Brake and Limiter Vertical Brake and Limiter Vertical Brake and Limiter Vertical Brake and Limiter
Monitor Arm Brake and Vertical Travel Limiter Features
Products currently available with brake
  • Precisely limit downward travel to avoid interference with objects below arm
  • Restrict upward travel to ensure arm and items above do not come in contact
  • Instantly lock the position of an arm at a specific height with the twist of a knob
  • Payloads can be variable within a 15 lbs. range and still maintain vertical setting
  • Available with many popular Ergomart lifting arm products
  • Contact us by phone for further information – 888 420 3200
SAA2718 Heavy-Duty Arm
TRS2718 Adjustable Monitor Arm with Keyboard Tray
TRP2718 Premium Monitor Arm with Keyboard Tray
AMD2018 Dual Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm
(A65) $49.25 each – available in black or silver

Q: Can the limiter be set to limit travel at both the higher and the lower positions?

A: Yes there are actually two limiters in each Brake and Limiter System. The closer the limiters are set towards one another, the tighter the range of vertical travel.

Q: I have arms I purchased from Ergomart a few years ago and would like to retrofit them with brakes here in my machine shop.

A: Sorry but the Brake and Limiter System must be factory installed at the time of purchase to the corresponding arms. Contact our sales department to discuss returning and retrofitting your existing units. We can provide a quotation.

Q: I need every bit of the vertical travel that the 2718 delivers with occasional locking. It seems like the vertical range limiters are part of the kit and I am worried that they will take away some of my travel. How does that work?

A: The limiters can be set so that they will allow the full range of travel of the lifting arm.

Q: I need to limit the rotation of my arm so it does not run into equipment to the side of my monitor, does Ergomart have a solution to limit side rotation?

A: Please contact customer service.  We may be able to assist you depending on the exact parameters of your requirement.


Monitor Arm Brake Vertical Limiter