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SERIES-118 monitor stands are highly adjustable mounting devices built around a central pole. They feature articulating straight arms which provide varying degrees of positioning freedom as well as depth and reach adjustment along the horizontal plane. These articulating mounts can be secured at any height along the central pole. Unlike SERIES-118 monitor arms, they do not provide instant height adjustment. They feature tilter mechanisms, which provide independent tilt, rotation and swivel to each attached monitor. They can support one, two or four monitors depending on the model.
While SERIES-118 monitor stands are commonly installed on desks (hence the name “stand”), the versatility afforded by the modular approach allows for these devices to be mounted to walls, tracks, poles, medical equipment and more, making them well suited for a wide range of applications.
LS413D compact monitor mount in black with ghosted monitor on mkit p shown from an isometric view.
LS413D on flexible MKIT-P can switch between through-desk, desk clamp and wall mount
LS9137S articulating monitor mount in black with ghosted monitor shown from an isometric view.
LS9137S desk-mounted with a MKIT-K through-desk mount
LS1512D dual monitor mounted overhead using a ceiling-mounted pole seen from an isometric angle.
LS1512D on a ceiling-mounted PM192 Pole with MKIT-E
LS413D compact horizontal track mount with dual monitors seen from front view
LS413D track-mounted on a ROLLER TRACK with MKIT-M2

SERIES-118 mounting devices monitor stand showing adjustment directional arrows
SERIES-118 stands come in a variety of configurations in terms of horizontal reach and monitor capacity. They all function according to certain common principles.
Monitors are always attached to the standard tilter mechanism, which provides instant, independent adjustment for each monitor: full rotation from landscape to portrait, 90° backwards tilt and 45° forward tilt, and full 360° swivel. Note that these ranges can be reduced if the monitor movement is restricted by interference from the mounting surface or the mount itself. Detailed information about the tilter mechanism can be found on the Tilter Mechanism section of this Reference Guide.
Each straight arm segment increases reach and adds an articulation point with up to 360° of rotational movement. For example, the LS9137S provides three points of rotational adjustment: at the pole, elbow and tilter. Detailed information about each stand can be found in the corresponding product page.

The chart below lists the monitor stands with their monitor quantity, weight capacity, and horizontal reach.
Monitor Stand Monitor Quantity Weight Capacity (per monitor) Total Horizontal Reach
LS1512D 2 35 lb 30”
LS1512Q 4 35 lb 30”
LS413D 2 50 lb N/A
LS413S 1 55 lb N/A
LS9137D 2 35 lb 13.5”
LS9137S 1 35 lb 13.5”