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LS413S Single Monitor Mount
LS413S Single Monitor Mount

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LS413S Single Monitor Mount

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  • Use as a premium desk stand or integrate into any workspace (industrial, commercial, medical and more)

  • This compact, adaptable stand is part of our SERIES-118 modular mounting system

  • It features a highly adjustable VESA bracket mounted on a pole that fits in all SERIES-118 mount kits

    • Mounts to any horizontal or vertical surface, such as a desk, wall, cabinet, cube wall or slat wall

    • Gains horizontal mobility with our Roller Track system of horizontal sliding mounts

    • Installs above an open floor on a ceiling mounted existing pole or a Ergomart SERIES-192 pole

    • Attaches to specialized medical or industrial equipment using T-slot, Dovetail and OEM mounts

  • Handles monitors up to 55 lbs when using heavy duty tilter head

  • 360° LED/LCD screen rotation (landscape to portrait)

  • Mount the along its pole for over 180° of swivel

  • Mount it at the top of pole for 360° of swivel!

  • Custom pole lengths available (extended lead time)

  • Ergomart options like a thin client holder, barcode scanner bracket may be added

  • Shipping: standard lead time is 3 to 8 days

  • Expedited shipping is available – call or email for international orders

  • Questions? 888-420-3200 8:30 am–6 pm CST


Simple and remarkably adjustable, the LS413S monitor stand is a sturdy and attractive way to free up workspace while providing instant left-right swivel, up-down tilt, and portrait to landscape rotation. It features a low-profile mounting bracket that provides articulation in all directions and is installed at the desired height along a SERIES-118 pole. With over 180° of swivel when positioned along the pole and up to 360° swivel at the top of the pole, the LS413S is a great multi-user monitor stand. The monitor offers generous tilt (90° up and 45° down) and rotates 360° for effortless portrait to landscape transition. 

The cable management clip can be positioned at any point along the pole to control cabling discreetly.


The LS413S is a SERIES-118 mounting device, which means it is compatible with our entire selection of SERIES-118 mount kits (MKITs) and offers virtually unlimited possibilities for mounting.

  • Mounting for Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces: The LS413S attaches to virtually any vertical or horizontal surface, usually with multiple options: through desk, grommet, desk edge clamp, wall, wall track, pole, slat wall, cabinet, to name a few.

  • Mounting to medical, OEM equipment and cabinets: The LS413S works with the OEM mount, which can be installed on almost any vertical surface including the walls of a cabinet or specialized equipment.  The LS413S can also be used in medical applications using our Dovetail and T-Slot Mounts. Call us for details.

  • Applications Requiring Secure Poles: Some applications call for the LS413S’s SERIES-118 pole to be inserted into a through hole of a mount kit such as the movable MKIT-M and the sliding MKIT-N for the Roller Track or the single  MKIT-E and the dual MKIT-J for SERIES-192 poles. The secure mounting pole (P118RS) has features designed to secure the pole on the MKIT and the mounting components on the pole. 

  • With the Roller Track Sliding Horizontal Mount System, the monitor can be positioned above or below the track on a MKIT-M or MKIT-N. 

LS413S compact horizontal track isometric view with monitor on sliding mount and positioned low
LS413S compact horizontal track in isometric view with mounted monitor positioned high


  • Overhead mounting: The LS413S can also be used in a ceiling-mounted application along with a SERIES-192 pole and a MKIT-E to allow monitors to reach down over an open floor plan.  Two monitor mounts can be mounted back to back using MKIT-J. 

LS413S low profile monitor mounted overhead with ceiling-mounted pole seen from isometric view with monitor angled down
LS413S compact horizontal track monitor mount in isometric view with two monitors mounted back to back


Additional Considerations:

Ergomart will custom cut the standard 14" tall steel pole to your specified length to provide full rotation at your desired monitor height. Call us if you have questions or need customizations for the LS413S.

If you require two monitors mounted along the pole, this mount is also available as the LS413D dual monitor stand.

Shipping Weight 8 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 17" x 14" x 6"
Warranty 5 Year limited

Mount Type

Pole Stand

Number of Monitors



  • Flex Kit A
  • Tall Flex C
  • Wall Kit D
  • HD Track F
  • Thru Desk G
  • Column Mount K
  • OEM Mount R
  • Slatwall H
  • Pole Mount E
  • Dual Pole Mount J
  • Medical Dovetail S
  • Horizontal Track Slider M
  • Wall Mount Roller Trolley N
  • Desk Top Roller Trolley Q
  • Ceiling Roller Trolley U

Weight Range

Up to 55 lb

Monitor Horizontal Reach


Vertical Adjustment

Readjustable along 14" pole

Vertical Extensions

Call for information.

Horizontal Extensions

Call for information.

VESA Options

75 x 75
100 x 100
100 x 200
200 x 200

Portrait to Landscape


Max Swivel (at Monitor)

Up to 360° depending on monitor size/tilt

Monitor Tilt Range

+90° up, -45° down


LS413S pole monitor mount specification drawing isometric view

The monitor mount can be positioned at any point along the vertical pole. Various pole lengths are available. Custom lengths can be ordered but could extend shipping lead time.



LS413S pole monitor mount specification drawing side view showing monitor titler head at highest and lowest position with measurements

The LS413S can have its monitor center above the table surface anywhere from 4.6 inches to 15.25 inches high.



LS413S pole monitor mount specification drawings of tilter head receiver rotated 90 degrees with measurements

The mounting yoke can be rotated 360 degrees around the pole itself. In the top image it is shown in its standard forward position and in the lower image it is folded 90 degrees to decrease its reach from the pole . 


100x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
100x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware


The 100 x 200 mm VESA adaptor is compatible with certain larger monitors. It is used to attach the monitor to an Ergomart tilter head, present in all SAA, SA, and LS arms and mounts. If your monitor has a recessed VESA attachment point, you may also need an Ergomart VESA spacer kit, available below in the accessories tab.

200x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
200x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware

This large VESA bracket is intended for mounting a monitor or TV with a 200x200 mm, 100x200 mm, or 120x180 mm hole pattern. The central hole patterns are 50x50 mm, 75x75 mm, and 100x100 mm, enabling this bracket to attach to the mounting location (e.g. an Ergomart Tilter Head) using a VESA 75/100 adaptor.

200x400mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
200x400mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware

The large 200x400 mm VESA adaptor plate supports 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 200 mm square patterns, as well as 100x200 mm, 120x180 mm, 200x300 mm and 200x400 mm rectangular patterns. In some cases an additional 75 or 100 mm VESA adaptor is needed to interface the 200 x 400 mm VESA plate to the mounting location.

Heavy-Duty Mount Adapter Plate 100x300 to 400x600mm
Heavy-Duty Mount Adapter Plate 100x300 to 400x600mm

The extra large MSU4X6 VESA adaptor bracket attaches to a wide range of VESA patterns from 100x300 mm up to 400x600 mm. The hole patterns on the central plate allow it to be mounted to tilter heads or wall mounts, often using an additional smaller VESA plate (e.g., 75 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm or 100x200 mm) in between.

VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/4-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/4" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/2-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/2" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

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  • Could I adjust the height of the mount on the pole?

    Yes, however the monitor should be removed prior to loosening the thumb screw of the shaft collar that holds the mount in position.

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