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Vertical Wall Tracks For Wall Mounted Workstations



  • The Extended Capacity Wall Track (ECTRACK) is available in five lengths: 19", 27", 39", 51" and 78"
  • The 51" and 78" tracks are also available with ports that enable access to outlets positioned behind the track
  • Explore the extensive family of compatible Series-118 devices that can be mounted to our EC wall Track System
  • Please select a color to view the available track options


  • Available in 19, 27, 39, 51, and 78 inch lengths
  • Isolated raceway chases separate sensitive cables
  • Length configurable cover: easily installed & hides wiring
  • Use with a variety of fixed & height adjustable components
  • Optional ports give access for data, communications, and electrical cabling
  • Holds large & small monitors, keyboard, CPUs, printers, etc.
  • Eliminates unsightly problematic plastic external raceways
  • Over 99% recyclable by weight

The EC (extended capacity) wall track handles most of Ergomart's technology mounting equipment and provides extra space for cables and connectors behind the mounts. Its large capacity allow users to install wiring quickly and easily after all the mounting hardware and computer components have been mounted.* With optional access ports, the EC track fits over recessed electrical duplex outlets and duplex sized data ports. Each EC track also features twin network cable plenums that provide isolated chase compartments for cat 5 or cat 6 cabling separate from electrical cords and wiring.

To view or purchase complete wall mounting systems built around the EC Track, please review the COMBO pages featuring pre-configured systems.

If you are interested in a custom set up, please call our solutions experts at 888 420 3200.

*The capacity of the wireways is designed to accommodate routing of at least two Female D plugs and one DVI cable along with additional small wires and cables.

Shipping Weight 19" Track: 5 pounds
27" Track: 7 pounds
39" Track: 10 pounds
51" Track: 12 pounds
78" Track: 20 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 19" Track: 24" x 6" x 6"
27" Track: 31" x 6" x 6"
39" Track: 43" x 6" x 6"
51" Track: 55" x 6" x 6"
78" Track: 82" x 6" x 6"
Warranty 5 year limited


ECTRACK Specification drawing detail of 39 inch extended capacity wall track

The Extended Capacity Wall Track comes in various lengths and with different hole placements depending on size.



ECTRACK Specification drawing end view profile of track

The extended capacity wall track is 5" across and protrudes only 1.63" from the wall.



ECTRACK Specification drawing of all standard lengths, hole patterns and port options for family EC tracks

Select from one of five EC wall track lengths to match your needs. Please also read about specialty requests in the FAQ section.



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  • Can I mount a printer or a small copier on a track?

    Yes, contact Ergomart for options not listed on the website: 888 420 3200 or 214 742 6066 or

  • Why don’t you have holes on the flanges?

    In most cases our users have created structures and/or are attaching the tracks so that the holes along the outside edges are not necessary. This product is used widely in health care delivery environments where it is desirable to have fewer places for viruses and bacteria to multiply. Smooth unbroken surfaces are easier to keep clean.

  • Can Ergomart drill additional holes along the edges to our specification and powder coat them after these holes have been added?

    Yes, contact Ergomart with your specifications; holes can be added to match your request. Lead time is typically 3 weeks for non-standard hole patterns.

  • Can I buy a custom length floor to ceiling track?

    Yes, lead time is typically 8 weeks with a minimum order of 250 feet of track. Contact Ergomart for further information.

  • Can I mount this track horizontally?

    This system is designed for vertical use only. Use Ergomart's Roller Track System for horizontal applications.

  • Why does Ergomart offer a wall track as long as the 78 inch track?

    This allows for more flexibility for current and future applications. Since CPU holders can be used to hold power supplies and other equipment, capturing and using otherwise underutilized vertical space makes sense in space challenged environments like hospitals and technical work spaces. Ergomart will work with your organization to create custom brackets and systems to allow attachment of most any type of device to the EC track. Please contact us at: 888 420 3200 or 214 742 6066 or

  • How do I order LCD mounts, keyboard arms, and other compatible accessories shown in the images?

    If you need a complete computer mounting system in a vertical wall track configuration, please consider one of our four HD Wall Track Mount Combos.

  • Any particular reason why I can't flip the orientation of the 51 or 78 inch track rails with access ports so that my power and data enter from higher up the wall?

    If you are creating the specifications for the placement of the duplexes and data comm. port, you may certainly flip the track orientation. This can actually provide more room where clearance is critical: underneath the track mounts. Standard computer plugs cannot fit beneath the mounts unless the duplex box is recessed at least one inch.

  • What are the "port" options?

    The port option is a version of the track with rectangular holes cut into the track meant to go over your plug outlet. Having this will allow you to channel the wires through the track itself and plug directly into the outlet, giving you a much cleaner look than having the wires feed though the outside of the track and into an outlet. Check local code to insure your plans are allowed for your specific application.

  • Are the mounts easily moved on the track?

    The mounts that hold the monitors on the rail are not meant to be instantly adjusted, however, once the monitor or payload is removed they slide easily for readjustment. First remove the equipment from the end of the arm, then remove the arm and use the provided allen wrench to loosen the set screws, adjust the mount to a new position on the track, tighten set screws and reattach the arm and return the payload back to the end of the arm.

  • Where do I see my mounting options for these tracks?

    On any of the Combo web pages under the "Download" tab, you will find instructions for installing the track.

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