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COMBO1 EC wall track vertically mounted with monitor mount and keyboard tray with two 3.5 extensions

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  • Sturdy wall mount with superior adjustment
  • Full tilt, swivel/pan, landscape to portrait rotation
  • Place 75/100 mm VESA plane at just 6.38” from wall
  • Optional extensions add articulation, up to 10.5” reach
  • VESA options from 75x75 mm to 200x200 mm
  • Add other modular mounting devices to create a wall mounted set up workstation for your application
  • Monitor mount only: track sold separately
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The Articulating Monitor Wall Mount for EC-TRACK gives the monitor superior instant adjustability: 90-degree upward and 45-degree downward tilt, full left-right pan/swivel and portrait/landscape rotation. The base configuration is very compact with the VESA plate positioned at 6.38” from the wall. Optional horizontal arm extensions are available in several configurations to provide from 3.5” to 10.5” of additional reach and and one or two articulation points. The supported payload is 35 lb and a VESA plate compatible with 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm hole patterns is included. Additional VESA sizes are listed under accessories. If your monitor weighs between 35 and 50 lb, our Heavy Duty Spring Tilter may be appropriate for you. Please contact us by email at or call us at 888 320 4200 with for assistance with any questions you might have.

The Articulating Monitor Wall Mount is an EC-TRACK Direct Mount modular component that can be installed at any height along Ergomart’s Extended Capacity Vertical Track with the help of an Allen Wrench and the included fasteners. It can be combined with additional modular mounting devices and accessories to build a workstation for almost any application.

The Articulating Monitor Wall Mount for EC-TRACK is available in black, metallic gray and matte white.

Looking for Instant Height Adjustment?

This product does not provide instant height adjustment, however, we offer other components that do:

  • The COMBO2 is a one-stop shop for independently height adjustable monitor and keyboard arms for the EC-TRACK.
  • You can also build a system with our modular components, by purchasing a track, a Mount Kit F and any SERIES-118 monitor arm.
  • Another option for low-profile applications is the LeverLift sit-stand wall mounting system.
  • Do not hesitate to email us at or call us at 888 420 3200 with any questions.

NOTE: This page is for the Articulating Monitor Wall Mount for EC-TRACK only. The track and other compatible components are sold separately. Please visit our EC-TRACK system page to view all the options for building a workstation that works for you.

The advantages of the Extended Capacity Vertical Track Computer Monitor Mounting System

The Advantages of Ergomart's Modular Mounting System for Monitors, Workstations, and Other Equipment

Shipping Weight 3.4 lb to 6.9 lb depending on selections
Shipping Dimensions 9" x 6" x 5" to 15" x 11" x 5" depending on selections
Warranty 5 year limited

SHIPPING GUARANTEE: Black is our quick ship color. Orders received before 12:00 noon CST normally ship the same day if all components are in the color black. Call to ensure your order will ship the same day and determine transit time. The metallic gray color takes longer to ship. Most orders ship from Texas.

If you require expedited shipping, please call an Ergomart customer representative at 888 420 3200 or 214 742 6066 for pricing. In a hurry? Black is our quick ship color.

Professional installation is always recommended for all wall-mounted Ergomart products. Improper installation may result in injury or damage. Consult Ergomart technical support regarding any mounting concerns or questions.

Black is the default color for this item. For all color options, please call.

Mount Type

Vertical Wall Track

Number of Monitors

1 standard
Call to customize


Wall Track Mounting

Weight Range

Up to 35 lb

Monitor Horizontal Reach

Up to 20" with extensions.

Vertical Adjustment

Readjustable along track

Vertical Extensions


Horizontal Extensions

Light duty horizontal

VESA Options

75 x 75
100 x 100
100 x 200
200 x 200

Portrait to Landscape


Max Swivel (at Base)

> 180° at Track Mount for articulating mounts

Max Swivel (at Elbow)

Up to 360° (limited by wall)

Max Swivel (at Monitor)

Up to 360° 

Track Lengths

Not included


Line Drawing of Articulating Monitor Mount for EC Track shown from the side to illustrate the tilt range

The articulating mechanism that the the monitor attaches to can tilt up a full 90o and down by 45o. In practice, this range is restricted as the movement of the monitor is impeded by the track. In this illustration the monitor mount is shown without an extension which restricts the tilt range for an average monitor to +30o and +60o before the motion is restricted by the track mount. A greater amount of tilt can be achieved by adding horizontal extensions.


COMBO1 specification drawing of computer wall mount track system depicting monitor tilter VESA bracket clearance from mounting plane

The wall track mount reaches 4.63 inches from the wall. With the tilter head the unit reaches 6.38 inches from the wall.


COMBO1 specification drawing of computer wall mount track system depicting monitor tilter left to right swivel capability

The Wall Track Mount is able to pivot/swivel 90 degrees from center. Regardless of your monitor size, when mounted to a wall, your flat screen will impede full pivoting. However, if the wall track is mounted to a post or beam that is the same 5 inch width of the track, 180o of swivel is possible.
VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/4-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/4" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/2-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/2" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

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  • Do the mounts slide easily on the track for readjustment?

    The EC-TRACK is designed to have monitors installed at a specific height and repositioned infrequently. To move a mount you will need to remove the monitor (with the tilter attached), use an allen wrench to loosen the set screws at the bottom of the  Heavy Duty Track Mounting Kit (MKIT-F), adjust the mount vertically along the track, tighten set screw with allen wrench and put the payload back on the mount. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need instant movement up and down, you may look at COMBO2 or install any SERIES-118 monitor arm on an MKIT-F. In most cases the built in range of the arms eliminates any requirement to reposition the mount on the wall track. For low-profile wall mounts with instant vertical height adjustment along a track, please review our Leverlift family of products.

  • Can this handle a dual monitor setup?

    Yes, please see our Combo 3 web page for more information. You may also install any SERIES-118 stand into the MKIT-F.

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