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EC Wall Track Horizontal Mount Extensions

Articulating Monitor Mount Extensions come in Black or Metallic Gray in four lengths for the EC Wall Track. These extensions are designed for use with the articulating monitor mount. Articulating Monitor Mount Extensions cannot be used with Flush, Rotating Flush, or MUS4x6 Large Monitor Mounts. You may notice that extensions for the Keyboard Tray and Monitor Arm are one and the same; they may be easily interchanged as the user sees fit. The length of each extension refers not to its physical size, but to the amount of additional reach it provides to the mounting system.

3.5" (SINGLE)


7" (3.5" + 3.5")

10.5" (7" + 3.5")

3.5-inch horizontal extension (metallic gray) 7-inch horizontal extension (metallic gray) 2 3.5-inch horizontal extensions attached (metallic gray) 7-inch and 3.5-inch horizontal extensions attached (metallic gray)