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EC Wall Track Combo 2 Arms

  • The Combo 2 Kit offers three monitor arm options to cover payload weight ranges from 4 to 55* pounds. It is critical to select the arm range that encompasses the actual weight of the monitor or device to be balanced. If the monitor is outside the range to either extreme the arm will not function correctly. For instance, a 7 pound monitor on the SAA7000-800 will stay in the top vertical position because the gas spring cylinder is always too strong. See arm ranges below:
    • SAA7000-500 LCD Monitor Arm for monitors weighing between 4-14 pounds.
    • SAA7000-800 LCD Monitor Arm for monitors weighing between 9-24 pounds.
    • Heavy-Duty SAA2415-1000HY LCD Arm for monitors weighing between 19-55 pounds.

  • *Choosing the heavy-duty large format MSU4X6 (8 lbs) Adapter Bracket reduces the final payload capacity of the SAA2415 LCD Arm from 55 to 47 pounds.



SAA7000 articulating monitor arm SAA2415 articulating monitor arm