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EC Wall Track Equipment Arms

Ergomart offers multiple solutions for supporting equipment on a our vertical EC wall track where users require dynamic vertical adjustment and positioning as well as a fixed height articulating support. The receiver opening at the front of all SA and SAA arms is a nominal .75 inches in diameter and accepts several standard Ergomart interface mounts including the equipment block (A160) as well as various tilter mechanisms. The A160 equipment block creates a stable mounting point for our steel PLTH platforms kit. It can support other flat horizontal parts such as OEM brackets, trays and supports. Contact Ergomart for a shop drawing of the A160.

The 2415 style arms deliver 14.5 inches of instant vertical travel and has attractive cable management components.

Our triple articulating 3418 style arms feature a substantial 32” of lateral reach from wall to mount receiver and will provide vertical travel of more than 18 inches.

The 1288 arm articulates at the track mount and at the receiver while supporting up to 90 pounds when attached to a properly mounted EC track.

Please carefully consider the weight of your equipment before ordering to ensure that weight requirements are met. Choose the correct arm weight for your payload or the arm will not function properly (this is true for arms that are under loaded as well as overloaded). The 2418 and 3418 style arms do not lock into a specific position (except when fully lowered) and are designed for moving a predetermined and unchanging payload. Inquire with Ergomart if you require an arm that can be both vertically adjusted BUT can be locked into a specific vertical position. Also our braking arms can be used to position payloads that vary during the course of their use during the day. Inquire with technical support for assistance.

(0-90 lbs)

(9-35 lbs)

(21-50 lbs)

(10-22 lbs)

(21-55 lbs)

EXT1288 horizontal equipment arm CRT2415 articulating equipment arm CRT2415 articulating equipment arm CRT3418 articulating equipment arm (black) CRT3418 articulating equipment arm (black)